CyberSecurity Roadmap

Why a roadmap

The world changes every day…..and cybersecurity changes a 100 times a day. There are different ways to assess your current security posture or to determine the cybersecurity strategy to follow. At 4 Peace of mind, we deliver what we promise.

But let’s us be straight. If a hacker has the time and enough motivation to succeed…..he/she will succeed. For some, this is the argument to limit investments in cybersecurity. For others, the ultimate protection is an insurance. And it is true that this is the ideal way the cover the last residual risk. But it does not mean that you do not have to invest in CyberSecurity. We compare it this way:

“It is not because you have an insurance against theft for your home that you do not lock the door…..


In order to determine what your CyberSecurity approach should be we base ourselves on our 20-year proven methodology.

cybersecurity roadmap approach
  1. Business Risk determination: here we get acquainted with your organization. Because in order to determine to how to protect we first have to know, what to protect.
  2. Assess AS IS: this stage consists of 2 parts. How is cybersecurity currently designed (if any), and what is the operating effectiveness of your current security environment. So we assess both technically (penetration testing, code review,…) and governance-wise (ISO27001, CMMC, CIS controls,…) the AS IS situation.
  3. Maturity Level determination: at this point we are ready to determine where you are and where you want to be. Because not every organization wants to be best in class
  4. CyberSecurity initiatives determination: together we define the initiatives to be taken to arrive at the desired maturity level.
  5. In the last stage we set the initiatives out on a feasible timeline and determine the budgets to be foreseen.

Should you require more information on how your roadmap could look like?